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Paid Resources for LSAT Prep

Although there are many free LSAT study resources, there are also many paid resources that may be worth the investment. Many people prefer paid resources because some programs offer better approaches to studying for the LSAT. It is important to understand the different types of paid resources and what each one is good for, that way you can decide what resources you should use during your LSAT preparation. There are many options out there, but this post will primarily focus on the most popular ones.

7Sage - 7Sage is a paid prep course that is designed for visual learners. The course breaks down each question type in bite-size steps for Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, and for Logical Reasoning. What helps with this course is to pause each video to solve a question individually and review your answer along with each video. The current monthly fee for 7Sage is $69/month and $599 for 12 months. If you obtain the LSAC fee waiver, you can get 7Sage for $40 for 4 months. For more information on making an LSAC account, check out this blog post for more information

Mike Kim’s LSAT Trainer - The LSAT Trainer is an ideal resource for someone who is just starting their LSAT preparation journey and needs a place to start. This prep book helps set the foundation of the basics. It explains what each question type is, it uses acronyms to describe strategies, metaphors, and space to practice previously-administered LSAT questions. The LSAT Trainer is available through Amazon for $25.

Power Score Books - There are three Power Score Books available for each LSAT section: 1) Logic Games Bible 2) Logical Reasoning Bible 3) Reading Comprehension Bible. These books are recommended for students who are in need of a push for a score improvement and it can be ideal to focus on one and/or more of the books depending on what a student's “weak section” is. These books are more specific compared to The LSAT Trainer, and list 5-14 steps/methods that can be used to approach each question type strategically. All three books together range between $145-$160.

Private Tutors - Private tutors work well in regards to studying for the LSAT. This is due to their ability to customize study materials according to a student’s strengths/weaknesses. Tutors can help hone into what an individual is studying and can arrange a schedule to help meet mastery of precise question types.

Even though there are many effective methods to approaching the LSAT, it is important to acknowledge that each method may work for different types of learners. The best way to study for the LSAT is to find what works best for oneself.

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