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2022–2023 EVENTS


November 21st

Blueprint – LSAT Seminar

UCLA's Pre-Law Transfer Society and Blueprint are hosting a free LSAT seminar! This event is great way to expand your knowledge on the LSAT, understanding the importance of LSAT prep, and much more! This event is open to ALL and everyone who signs in will receive 15% off a Blueprint classroom and Live Online course.

November 20th

Write Track Admission – Hamada Zahawi, CEO and Founder

November 13th

Justice Corps: Engaging Los Angeles – Informational Session

Our executive board has been at work organizing some excellent events for the UCLA pre-law community. We are excited to have a representative from JusticeCorps (a multiple-award-winning national service program that has helped over one million Californians find access to justice over the past 14 years). 

October 20th- USC Law Info Session with John Hoyt 

October 11th -TestMasters LSAT Workshop