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Volunteer Opportunities for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office is the nation’s largest local prosecutorial agency. Currently, their office is offering a wide range of important volunteer opportunities for high school students, college or university undergraduate and post-graduate students, law school students, and recent law school graduates who are awaiting California Bar Examination results.

There is also volunteer opportunities for members of the public who want to assist crime victims. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Victim Services work side by side with victim services representatives to provide advocacy, court support and resource referrals to victims. This position is a great way to make an impact in someone's life who is in need of crucial support.

If you're interested in applying to any positions, check out the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office's volunteer website : for the application packet. The packet provides in full detail each position description, requirements, and deadline to submit.

Good luck to any applicants!

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