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Dreams to Reality- A Law School Admissions Guide By Abraham Barkhordar

Abraham Barkhordar began his pre-law academic journey as a History major at Santa Monica Community College. He transferred to UCLA in 2017, and graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a BA in History. He is currently a Harvard 2L, and serving as a Law Clerk for Morgan&Morgan, PA.

In 2019, Abraham published "Dreams to Reality- A Law School Admissions Guide By Abraham Barkhordar," a guide designed to help pre law students get to where they want to be, and help alleviate any stress that comes with applying to law school. In his guide, Abraham draws from his own personal experiences on his view on the reality of law school admissions. His 44-page guide consists of a step by step structure which breaks down many different components that contribute to--but not limited to--finding the right LS for you, prepping for the LSAT, and the overall LS application.

As a transfer student getting ready to apply to LS this upcoming Fall, I found Abraham's guide to be beyond helpful given all the information/knolwedge that he provides. Knowing that he himself is a CC transfer student, a UCLA alumni, and now a Harvard student gives me so much hope, and a sense of empowerment as I prepare myself to begin the stressful LS app journey.

PLTS first had the pleasure of having Abraham come speak at one of our events last year, and we are very excited to have him come back this quarter to do a Q&A on LS advice, and words of encouragement for students looking to apply/attend LS.

Please join us this Friday, 02/12/2021, for our special event with Abraham. This event is for PLTS verified members only, so if you're not a verified member yet, please make sure to do so before this Friday, you don't want to miss out on Abraham's amazing insights!

Also, don't forget to check out his guide: . His contact info is on the document as well if you wish to reach out to him.

Hope to see you all this Friday!

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