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Connecting Art and Law for Liberation: A CALL to Imagine Abolitionist Futures

Connecting Art and Law for Liberation (CALL) is an art and law festival hosted by UCLA School of Law’s Prison Law and Policy Program, Criminal Justice Program, and the Prison Education Program at UCLA.

Join visionary artists, activists, attorneys, advocates, legal scholars, and UCLA community members in this virtual festival which will share innovative, cutting-edge collaborations at the intersection of ART and LAW - aimed at imagining a world without prisons. This festival will also unite communities through various art mediums while simultaneously developing and disseminating new advocacy strategies.

On Friday, 04/16/21, there will be a keynote panel and performances from 4-7pm PST.

On Saturday, 04/17/21 they will have interactive workshops from 10am-1pm PST.

For more information about CALL visit:

Hope to see you there!

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