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Dear UCLA Pre-Law Transfer Society:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Pre-Law Transfer Society (PLTS) at UCLA! Here at PLTS, we pride ourselves on our welcoming, inclusive, and diverse body of students with  interests in the law and unique backgrounds that shape the core of this organization. We are open to all students and members of the greater community, and our transfer-specific programs were created to offer the support and resources that transfer students require when continuing their pre-law journeys at UCLA and beyond. We aim to provide all our members with all the tools, opportunities, and guidance that we have at our disposal to ensure that we, as a collective group, are prepared to embark in our legal careers at every step of the way!


Throughout the year, you can expect to see events with highly esteemed lawyers, law school professors, deans of admissions of various law schools—including Yale, UCLA, USC, Harvard - and much more. We hope that you find whatever you are looking for here at UCLA PLTS and cannot wait to work with you all!



Bianca Bravo




The Pre-Law Transfer Society at UCLA is the leading organization on campus dedicated to the educational advancement of UCLA Pre-Law Students.

We are an organization dedicated to the ideals of diversity and inclusion, and this includes serving the needs of students who come from underrepresented communities and from non-traditional backgrounds.​ Our assistance is specialized but not limited to ethnic minorities, community college transfers, and individuals who have overcome adversity in their life and have a desire to achieve their dreams.

We achieve the ideals of our mission statement through hosting specialized workshops/Q&A sessions with the top law schools in the nation, hosting LSAT prep companies, and bringing in special guests in diverse areas of the law, entrepreneurship, and business.

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Pre-Law Society Sponsorship 


Members of this society get 25% off the first month of any LSAT Demon plan.


LSAT Demon Plans


We recommend you start with our Live subscription, which gives you access to Logic Games Foundations, Logical Reasoning Foundations and other skill-specific classes. Choose classes to target your weaknesses. 


All LSAT Demon plans require an active LawHub Advantage subscription. This offer applies only to Demon plans, not to LawHub Advantage, which is a separate subscription service provided by LSAC. You can purchase LawHub Advantage during checkout.


Email to get the discount.


Use your school email address with the subject line “Pre-Law Sponsorship.”


Thank you!


LSAT Demon

(703) 787-4007



For each quarter, PLTS aims to provide a series of unique events and opportunities that aligns with student needs. Since Fall Quarter is application season, PLTS will host a number of law school admissions representatives and LSAT prep companies so that students may directly get their questions answered regarding the application process. During the Winter Quarter, PLTS members will have the opportunity to learn more about different legal and business industries through panels and Q&A sessions with industry leaders. During the Spring Quarter, PLTS will primarily focus on connecting PLTS members with meaningful networking and internship opportunities.

Fall Quarter

Information Sessions
  • law school admissions representatives
    • ​PLTS has previously hosted UCLA, Harvard, and Yale Law. This year, we look forward to welcoming representatives from USC, Stanford, and NYU Law.
  • LSAT prep companies
    • ​PLTS has previously partnered with:
      • LSAT Demon with Matt Dumont
      • ScoreItUp with Mark Sacks​

Winter Quarter

Panels and Q&A Sessions
  • law school students & alumni
    • ​PLTS has previously hosted students and graduates from UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Pepperdine Law. Visit our 2019–20 Events page to view past events.
  • esteemed professors & lecturers
    • PLTS has previously hosted esteemed law professors from UCLA and Stanford.
  • industry leaders 
    • PLTS has previously had the honor to host prominent corporate, entertainment, and litigation lawyers, serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CLOs.

Spring Quarter

Personal Networking Opportunities
  • law school students & alumni​​
  • celebrity/industry leaders
    • PLTS has previously had the honor to partner with The Key, a Forbes and Harvard founded organization. With The Key, PLTS had the honor to host::
      • NBA Champion/Fashion Icon,
        Nick "Swaggy P" Young
      • former NBA All Star Baron Davis
      • former NFL Coach and Harvard Graduate, Daron Roberts J.D.
      • COO of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Christine Simmons
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